Wood Species << click to view
There are many types of wood species to choose from when deciding on your cabinetry or millwork. Each variety of wood has its own individual appearance as to color and grain. Character marks such as knots and grains are inherent characteristics and add to the beauty of natural wood.

Traditional Cabinetry Construction << click to view
One method of cabinetry construction is to use face frames. In this traditional method of construction, the rails (horizontal frames) and stiles (vertical frames) are visible. The doors and drawers will either be inset within the face frames or will overlay the face frames.

Full Access Construction << click to view
Another method of cabinetry construction is to use full access cabinetry. In this frameless method of construction, rails and stiles are not used. The doors and drawers will overlay the box frame entirely ensuring full access to the cabinetry.

Cabinetry Finishes << click to view
Litchfield Cabinetry offers a wide variety of finishing techniques including clear finish on natural wood, stain, paint, glazing on stain or paint, and distressing. A combination of each technique can be used to make your cabinetry custom and unique. The end result of each cabinetry finish is its durability and attractiveness.

Cabinetry styles << click to view
While there are many styles to choose from when deciding your cabinetry, the following are some of the most popular and widely used styles. Litchfield Cabinetry can design and build any style of cabinetry.

Door and Drawer Styles << click to view
here are three basic door and drawer styles to choose from including overlay, flush inset, or beaded inset.

Millwork << click to view
There are various styles of millwork to enhance the appearance and ambiance of your home. You can use as much or as little trim depending on your personal style and taste. The following are examples of the most common uses of trim work.

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