There are various styles of millwork to enhance the appearance and ambiance of your home. You can use as much or as little trim depending on your personal style and taste. The following are examples of the most common uses of trim work.

Wall paneling, also known as wainscoting, is produced in a variety of ways. Variations can be achieved by applying one or a number of the following styles to your home.
•Solid lumber is used to frame a panel and a molding detail is applied within the frame.

•A butt board appearance is used by stacking solid lumber on top of each other with an even space between each board.

•Molding is applied directly to drywall or MDF to give a “picture frame” detail.

•A beaded or v-groove plywood can be applied directly to wood.

Coffered beams can be a drywall or a solid wood beam dropped from the ceiling. These beams can be designed to simulate an “X” or individual squares on the ceiling. Crown molding can be applied within each beam to dress up each coffer.

Ceiling treatments can be anything from a tongue and groove painted ceiling to a v-groove cypress ceiling. Other examples may include a tin ceiling or a truss beam detail.

Staircases can be curved, straight, T-shaped, L-shaped or switchback. Staircase appearances can be a mix of painted and stained treads with painted or stained wood or iron balusters.

Crown molding can be hung in a one piece or a multi piece crown display. Crown molding will draw your eye to the ceiling and create a decorative effect.

Baseboard is applied at the bottom of a wall and on top of the flooring. Baseboard is typically the same style as the crown molding but may not be as detailed.

Door and Window Casing is used to frame the perimeter of windows and doors. Casing will complement the style of the crown and baseboard.
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